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  • He's a bit more playful than female Ukraine. He's more willing to joke around and ruffle hair.
  • He's a lot more ashamed of his over emotional side and tries hard to downplay it when he's... not crying.
  • He works a lot more with his hands than female Ukraine. While she's a lot more into theories and abstract concepts, he enjoys things like engineering physics and what goes on in steel yards.
  • Tied to above, he worked for a while in a coal mine.
  • Funny enough, he readily embraces femininity, but it normally extends to "girling up" his friends. He likes making dresses and hairbows for Russia. The farthest that he goes in embracing his own femininity is getting little bows in his hair. Other than that, he's rather embarrassed being dressed in women's clothing.
  • He owns an old Zaporozhets (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaporozhets). He fiddles with it all the time and it's still his precious baby.
  • For much of his life, he was pretty much used as brawn so his education is more street smart than his female counterpart. He's not too big on books.
He's got a mother hen persona to him, but he's more like the single dad who tries too hard to be cool. He's taken on both the mother and father role and is more willing to stand to the sidelines and see people fall and stand up again than to hover.
Although he's more embarrassing with how he talks.


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